May. 10th, 2017

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Yesterday I fiddled around with a new distaff method (a 1" dowel, a pile of
Shetland battlings, a cloth cover) and practiced in-hand spindling for a
half hour. It takes more endurance than my typical drop spindle method,
since the spindle hand is constantly flicking as in support spindling but
also has to carry the weight of the spindle and maintain drafting tension.
A little each day will help me build the hand muscles I need without
risking injury.

I started bobbin #2 of the Tunis/Suffolk pasture cross sock yarn. Soft
singles twist, high ply twist is the name of the game.

I made some progress on the BFL/silk sock but forgot it at home so wasn't
able to work on it on the bus.

I've hit the halfway mark on sweater sleeve #2... and finished GirlBoss, a
great show on Netflix with a really kickass soundtrack and good characters
on that strange border of "I probably wouldn't want to hang out with you in
real life because holy drama Batman but I somehow enjoy hanging out with
you in media" that is so very rare for me. Sad that it's done; it was
excellent knitting company.
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