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Yesterday I cleaned the worst of the holiday detritus off the dining room table, carded and spun 10g of last spring's black fleece, and started a pair of mittens for me.

They'll match the Ultimate Mitts I made for Paul last year -- tough durable wool on the outside, soft insulating alpaca on the inside, slightly felted for extra windproofing.

Started watching The Magicians on Netflix. The exposition and acting were pretty ham-handed in the first episode, but improve to tolerable levels thereafter so I'll probably stick with it. Less gory than Penny Dreadful, which is what I had been working through.

Addressed and stamped some more holiday card/letters for P to drop in the post today. I still have a few left, so if you'd like one let me know :)

I'm off until the 3rd so these daily updates should continue for a bit.

Remaining holiday plans include making Turkish Delight, eating olives, helping P reorganize the ground floor furniture, sharpening all the knives, seasoning all the cast iron, and more spinning and knitting.

Date: 2017-01-01 12:12 am (UTC)
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Sorry to hear you're having food troubles. Hugs.

I came across some awesome vegan chocolate chip cookies in Geagle the other day, on sale at $1/cookie. They're ~400 calories each and protein-stuffed, if you can believe that. If I have an "I don't feel like eating food" period again, I'm going to order a box.

These folks make them:

I'm happy to see you're enjoying a holiday break. <3
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