Feb. 6th, 2017

infryq: Kitchen scene at dawn, post-processed to appear as if painted (Default)
Yesterday we turned off the internet! All day. We plan to do so every
Sunday. Hopefully that will give P's brain some breathing space; he's been
having trouble with news and social media saturation.

I got tons of spinning done; just three bobbins left for the second ply and
it'll all be yarn! I ran out of podcasts and new music and wound up
reading, which it turns out I can do easily while plying. I read about
acids, bases, and papermaking in the book "Caveman Chemistry" which is
great if you're looking for a technical guide to domestic and premodern
industry skills.

I did a bit of knitting too, and got nervous about the amount of yarn left
in the ball so split it by weight to make sure I'll have enough for the
second sock.
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