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Yesterday the Lowes delivery truck dropped off a bunch of building stock,
all for me! I built and installed 5 trellis panels. I think I had planned
for 6, but there's only room for 5 in the garden now, plus I apparently
didn't write down that I'd planned to make them all 7 feet tall instead of
8 feet so here we are. I'd also included stock for a flax break and a
platform for the rain barrels but I was pretty worn out so that will wait
for another day.

I made more crackers, with the note that tapioca starch makes them more
prone to chewy rather than crispy, but they're still good.

I ran through my set of pattern adjustments for the back bodice, but am
stymied by the interaction between my cross back measurement, back armscye,
shoulder seam, and back length to bustline. Everything was great until I
got to the armscye length, which is absolutely correct (I had P check both
that and my cross back) but is far too long to fit in the box between the
shoulder point, bustline, and cross back. I've put it in time out.

I'd meant to plant beans and Malabar spinach, but between the sun and the
delayed food schedule I'd wound up on from trellis construction I wasn't
really up to it.

After a late dinner I put a half hour into rough-cutting and ironing the
shorts pattern I got in one of the fabric orders last week. This is
Maritime Shorts by Grainline Studio. I'm tracing off a size 2 most places
and grading to a size 4 at the waist, then seeing if there are any
adjustments to do aside from swapping in my standard waistband.
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