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Yesterday was extremely productive. I was able to do another load of
laundry and get it out on the line before we left for the first Sqhill
farmers market of the year; the market was grand and we got spinach and
dandelion greens and rhubarb and strawberries; I made a new set of crackers
and the discovery that hydration actually matters a lot to how short or
sturdy they are (two pans, the second with more water in the dough); we
made strawberry rhubarb sauce; I scoured the last remaining chunk of fleece
from Wooster; I hilled the potatoes and planted the last two varieties; P
went back to the hardware store for more fittings and we re-tensioned the
clothesline, this time with one end clamped and one end knotted so we can
adjust it again as needed.
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