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Yesterday we went on a series of retail adventures! At the hardware store
we got 200' of synthetic rope to use as clothesline (they didn't have the
nylon-coated wire I wanted, and cotton didn't come long enough), turnback
rope clamps, a folding table, and a set of outdoor shelves. At the sporting
goods store we got cheap 20# fishing line for making cutoff tools for
pottery, and a pretty perfect thermos to replace the smoothie jar I lost.
We ran home for a speedy lunch before running me back to Oakland for an eye
exam; my right eye is the same but the left deteriorated considerably so
I'm getting new lenses and frames. Back at the house, I realized we
actually didn't get a turnbuckle when we were at Lehman's, so another quick
trip to the hardware store. Then we were finally able to set everything up:
one pulley on the back porch; a table for folding and shelves to properly
hold the junk that had been cluttering the floor; the other pulley as high
up in the black locust as P could comfortably reach on the ladder, one rope
end affixed to the turnbuckle, the free end run through both pulleys and
measured under tension, then the porch pulley came down so we could hammer
closed the other rope clamp. Tada! Clothesline!

I immediately tried it out with a load of towels, which perhaps predictably
stretched out the line so we may have to take out a clamp and tie a knot or
splice instead. But that's okay! It only took two hours to dry stuff, which
is less than I expected, and it makes me better at laundry since if you
have to handle garments one at a time anyway as they come off the line, you
might as well fold them.

On P's request we'll continue to tumble-dry underwear, and on mine, bath
towels and anything meant to be fluffy, but we should still wind up saving
some money, both from not running the dryer as much, and from clothes
lasting longer.

In between things, I finished sewing the neck binding on my new top, and
made more bias tape for the armholes.
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