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Yesterday I saw the GI doc, and we outlined a series of next steps --
exactly what I was hoping for from the appointment. I have an allergist
referral and an appointment in two weeks, and a minor diet modification to
try first. I'm tracking intake again to close the loop and make sure I'm
getting enough fat and protein. I anticipate that I'm getting plenty of fat
(I have a pretty free hand with the olive oil and my primary protein source
is nuts) but protein is likely to be a challenge. Ideas for non-legume
non-gluten sources of vegan protein welcome.

Yesterday I also got a surprise early period, with some of the worst cramps
I've had in a while. :-/

Knit the heel on my sock and got about 2" up the leg. I'm doing a wide wale
3x1 rib. I've tried it on and it fits beautifully!

I plied and washed a sample of 2x2 cable ply for the lambswool. Not sure I
like it.

Date: 2017-02-04 04:35 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] chrisamaphone
non-legume, non-gluten sources of vegan protein:
oat bran
brussels sprouts
hemp seeds

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