Jan. 17th, 2017

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Yesterday I started my materia medica, completing the title page, table of
contents, and header and botanical name for my first herb, calendula. I use
it a ton in salves, have grown it before with some success, and plan to
grow more this year.

I finished the wax art for the second pillowcase batik, rinsed and hung the
first case to dry, and reheated and cooled the dyebath to kill off any
beasties that had been growing in it (and there were some; the first case
was a touch slimy. C'est la vie with room temperature natural dyeing). Once
the first case is dry I'll add a second layer of wax and do a more intense
iron dip I think? To deepen the blacks.

No spinning but a pile of knitting. I'm almost done with the thumb gusset
decreases on the second lining body. I finished the Great British Bake Show
and started A Series Of Unfortunate Events, which is nicely done, better
than the movie from 10 years ago, but does appear to be causing me some
splash back anxiety so I may put it on hold. P and I are planning to watch
the new Dirk Gently series together, but it's not clear when he'll have
time. I may go rogue on that, unless I can find something else chill to
knit with.
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