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Yesterday I started binding the neck of the top with self bias tape. I'm so
excited for this to be done, it fits remarkably well and looks amazing.

I went on a Whole Foods adventure after work, to test out the route for
future yogurt runs. WF has the best selection of lactose-free yogurt we've
yet found, including whole fat which is a bonus and lots of flavors which
is a double bonus. Between the store itself and the driving in Shadyside
though it makes P itch, so I wanted to see if it was easy to just go by
myself. It is! The 71B puts me two blocks away (at least it does if the
driver actually stops when you pull the signal cord 🙄) and the 64 picks up
from Market District, maybe 4 blocks away. It's a bit of a hike home from
the 64, especially after the walking around Shadyside, but usually P can
pick me up from the Greenfield geagle and even if not it's probably good
for me to get the extra exercise.

The other win was getting more frozen fruit for smoothies and having them
stay frozen all the way home in this magic bag I bought at the checkout.
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Yesterday I sewed most of the final seams on my new top, had a good day at
work, and pulled the first radishes from the garden. The flax is still not
quite retted enough to process (as far as I can tell) but it's getting
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Yesterday I basted all the seams on the top I'm making, and after a few
minor adjustments, it fits! I've ripped everything out now because I want
to do French seams, but I'm pretty happy with the whole thing.

The breath test went fine, nothing obvious is wrong. The fasting plus the
glucose has thrown me a bit off but I'll survive.
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Yesterday I finished tissue-fitting the yoked top I've been working on, and
cut out fabric for a wearable muslin. P helped a lot with the fitting,
because I can't reach properly to pin to center back and am bad at
estimating the right position in a mirror. My first drafts were waaaaay off
too; there was a lot of adjusting. I'm still not sold about the fit around
the shoulder blades. With any luck, that should shake out in the muslin.

In food/medical news, since I have the bacterial breath test today I was on
a restricted diet yesterday, which for a gf lacto-vegetarian meant nothing
but white rice. All carbs. No protein, no fat. Blood sugar all over the
place. Felt like crap! And today I get to fast until my procedure at 1pm.
Not looking forward to it. But, the data will be nice.
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Yesterday I transferred the top I'm designing to tissue for a fitting, and
washed fleece. I've got about half a pound left to do before I'll have
washed all this year's fleeces! Amazing. I wouldn't have pegged me for a
"wash everything as soon as possible" person but I think the moth disaster
has given me a different perspective.
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Yesterday we drove home! I stopped at the festival one last time to pick up
that pair of hand cards, and also a darning egg. The drive back was
uneventful; we took 30 for interest and had a good time reading signs along
the way. Apparently it's already strawberry season?

Once home I skirted, sorted, and catalogued fleece, and set most of it to
soak overnight. I just might get around to washing all of them today and
tomorrow, which would be a first!

The Shetland and the Icelandic-Tunis were in fairly good condition, and got
sorted by crimp into two bags each. The Finsheep was FILTHY, poorly
skirted, full of second and short cuts. I wound up taking it outside and
vigorously shaking a double handful at a time. It's severely felted in a
lot of places too, though most of them have a long enough staple attached I
can just cut that off without much harm. A bunch of tarry areas, dung tags,
and ground-in hay chaff. I probably skirted and shook off about a third of
the fleece! Lucky it was a nice size, I wound up with 2.5# afterwards which
is still alright for the price. We'll see if I agree after washing and

I'm back in my own bed, at the proper angle, and eating familiar food
again. I do like Wooster, but it's good to be home.
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Yesterday was fiber show day! I'll have a full catalog up on ravelry by the
end of the long weekend but the highlights are: three fleeces (one small
very fine grey Shetland and one white Icelandic/Tunis cross from the fleece
tent, one brown Finsheep direct from the farmer, and I need to start doing
more of the latter because the price difference was whoa), two big rolls of
Longmeadow Farm Romney in black/green/maroon, one spinning basket (which
generated a stream of compliments -- Susan Preuss does excellent work), a
really nice prep in mohair/Romney in Seahawks colors (and one in grays
too), a bunch of breed-specific yarns in sock weights from Bare Naked
Wools, a Loki spindle from Greensleeves, four ounces of baby camel fiber,
two books (The Spinner's Book of Fleece, and Yarnitecture), some hand-dyed
silk ribbon, and some Teeswater locks.

The wheel guy had a brand new greatwheel out in maple, and it was
stupefyingly gorgeous... it had already been sold by the time I saw it,
plus it never would've fit in the car, but wow.

I got to pat some Gotland sheep, and some Finsheep, and some Suri alpacas.

The Gotlands are an interesting story; they only started permitting the
import of semen about fifteen years ago, and ova are still not allowed, so
all the American Gotlands have some amount of cross in them and they're
still working on getting the percentages up. True Gotland comes in a range
of greys to black with no brown in them at all, which is unusual in sheep
in general so the crosses have put some brown in the mix. Apparently
there's a big thing of whether to keep the browns and go for a larger color
variety, or drop the browns to try and breed as close to the originals as
possible. The farmer I spoke to is in the latter camp, with a side of
breeding for larger frames to get more of a dual-purpose (fleece and meat)
sheep. Really beautiful animals; the lambs are black black and fade to grey
(or whatever their true color) as they reach maturity. Long staple, but a
finer fiber than you'd expect. If she's back next year I might get a fleece
from her.

I almost got an Icelandic from the fleece tent (traded it for the Tunis
cross) and almost got a lambs fleece from a farmer outdoors, so that's
probably another thing for next year's list.

I left a beautiful pair of hand cards in the grandstand. I thought I didn't
need another pair of cards, but now I'm thinking of the two times this past
year I would have loaned mine out if I hadn't had a project going on them.
Soooo maybe it would be nice to have two sets...

Food wise: I did much much better on substantive snacks every two hours
than trying to make restaurants work. I'm reasonably certain it's a portion
sizes thing; I'm much better at sizing something and then eating it than
trying to figure out when to stop from a large plate. By the time I feel
symptoms it's already too late.
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Yesterday we went to Lehman's. I'd never been, and it was pretty awesome --
some time I'd like to spend a few unstructured hours exploring the whole
place, but we had a mission. P had brought our kerosene lamp and was able
to get help finding parts for it. Turns out this particular model was meant
to go in a hanging rig, not on a table, so while we can certainly use it as
a table lamp that means no heavy glass shades because it's not sturdy
enough to support it. So, a shade holder, and a linen shade. Good.

I was there to find clothesline hardware. They had three kinds, two of
which were cheap, and the third was pricier but still in budget and
substantially better made. They also had really nice wall-mounted expanding
drying racks, which will help with fleece drying and also in the laundry
room, so we got one and P means to use it as a pattern to build another.

On the way back we stopped at a barn sale, but it turned out to be a pretty
typical antique shop that just happened to be in a barn. Nothing stellar,
and the proprietors were not very good people so we left.

After lunch we hit the bookstores. My favorite shop is unfortunately going
out of business because the owners are retiring and haven't found anyone to
take it on. At least we made it in one last time! I found an herbal by Orr
that's part cookbook, which is nice, and a reprint of an old two-volume set
on bookbinding. In the other shop, I restricted myself to the ground floor,
and scoured the crafting section. There was a series of short sewing guides
on various topics and I grabbed the one on tops (since it had nice sections
on darts, hem slits, and neckline facings) and the one on pants (with a
great section on fitting and alterations). I'm still seeking sleep shorts
that don't bind in the front and cut me in half, and P's favorite pants and
shorts are no longer being made, so sewing pants is coming up soon in the
queue. They also had an original Singer sewing manual, so I grabbed that

continuing food/health adventures )
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Yesterday we drove to Wooster, OH! We are in our favorite room at the B&B,
the one with a private porch overlooking market street. I had some anxiety
trouble on the way down, and dealt with it by taking a beta blocker and
having a nap. I am so lucky to have both good health insurance and a
supportive partner. I love this trip and probably would have backed out if
I'd been on my own.

Food stuff: had a favorite sandwich (gf wrap, mushrooms, roasted red
peppers, balsamic, and new this year, cheeeeeeese) at a favorite deli/bar,
and while I still felt a bit odd, I'd recovered enough to have a reasonable
snack 2 hours later. I was feeling so good before on 6 meals, I'm eager to
get back to it, though I grudgingly recognize that vacation eating makes
the associated smaller portion sizes difficult.

Today we plan to hit Lehman's over in Kidron, P for kerosene lamp parts and
me for clothesline parts and a bit of exploring. There may also be some
furniture shopping.
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Yesterday I flicked another batch of Shetland locks, started the third
bobbin of Tunis/Suffolk, had a check-in call with the nutritionist, got my
legs waxed, and picked up snacks for the trip.

The gas crew has been working on our street for a few weeks, and they
finally got to our house-- replaced the incoming line, and in the process
moved the meter from the basement outside, which will be nice. The gas
company is really bad about calling ahead, so while it's very easy for us
to be at home for the meter reader, about once a year we've missed them
enough they threaten to shut off the gas unless *we* call to schedule a
reading. So this will be the end of that.
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Yesterday I made a pile of crackers in prep for our trip to Wooster this
weekend, and they turned out pretty great! I got the oil/water balance
better and they've got more structural integrity but are short enough to
crumble when they encounter teeth. I'll be living on these, almond butter,
cheese, nuts, dried fruit, and cheerios, plus b&b breakfast and dubious
restaurant choices. Flipping back and forth between confidence and anxiety
about my food access, but there's a plan, and I'll have all my meds, so
I'll be okay.

P went to the clay studio and discovered that the pieces he threw on
Thursday had dried out too much to properly trim 😔so he'll be switching to
a Tuesday-Thursday pattern starting next week.
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Yesterday I took the covers off the flower seeds I planted last week,
because lo! They have sprouted! Hopefully it will rain a couple times while
we're in Wooster so they don't all dry out and die.

I knit some more on the lace sock I'm working on, folded a bunch of
laundry, and sprayed down the wrinkles in my hemp and linen stuff. I meant
to pull them from the load before it went into the dryer, but alas. That is
the other impetus for setting up a clothesline in the backyard: bast fibers
apparently don't like heat! It makes them brittle. Which, honestly explains
why my oldest linen skirt needs a new waistband; I've always put it in the
dryer, and all the gather creases have started to fray.

I'm working on a dress design with C, to be made out of the new IKEA vegetable
. It will be sleeveless, full skirted, just below knee length,
with a slightly dropped waist, square neck, and broad shoulder straps. I
know I want the fabric dyed, and I'm pondering a salmonny pumpkin orange...
but also pondering blue, though the blues I seem to like would all be too
dark to show the pattern well.
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Yesterday I planted the last of the carrots and radishes, deep-cleaned all
the washcloths, scoured two pounds of clun forest fleece, and tried a new
pancake recipe.
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Yesterday we cleaned out the foyer and the hutch, and now the winter shoes
and coats have somewhere to live, the mothy woolens are gone and the
non-mothy ones sterilized in the oven, we have a couple of boxes of
glassware ready for goodwill (and a big bag of shoes as well), and the
dehydrator has a summer home on the hutch shelf, ready to dry some of the
herbs P has been bringing home from the training garden.

I planted out the Hopi blue corn and the onions, and I have two pounds on
Clun Forest fleece cold soaking and ready to be scoured today.
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Yesterday I made some epically good crackers. Probably too much oil, as
they're a bit delicate, but they mostly hold together long enough to reach
your face so I'm calling it success regardless. 3/4 nut meal, 1/4 rough oat
flour, a bit of flax meal to bind them, honey maple glaze.

On rec from a twitterfriend I'm playing a game called Lumino City, and it
is ridiculously adorable. The designer-tinker aesthetic is beautifully
executed, and the hint system is built in, similarly gorgeous, but just
annoying enough to make you want to explore on your own first.
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Yesterday I started watching a craftsy class I bought ages ago on bodice
slopers, and in parallel started drafting a yoked top with grown-on cap
sleeves based on the draped sloper L made up for me back in 2012. I'm
hoping that will more-or-less take care of the prominent shoulder blades +
swayback issues, but I'll have to make a muslin to know for sure.

P had a rest day to try and stay off his ankle.

It was supposed to rain, but everything split and dodged around the city :(

I am cautiously optimistic about Mueller.
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Yesterday I practiced some more with distaff and medieval spindle, covered
the flower seed beds with brown paper to see if that helps protect them
from drying out, bought a bunch of cheese at giant eagle, and worked
through to the next set of waist decreases on my sweater.

I also did phone things! I called the doctor's office and set up the breath
test appointment, and called the salon and made an appointment to get my
legs sugared next Wednesday, so I can wear shorts in Wooster without
feeling weird and exposed. I'm not sure why it works that way, but it does,
so, whatever.

I wore my new shirt that I made! It is most comfortable while standing and
not moving my arms much. The shoulders have plenty of room, but the front
neckline gapes awkwardly. There is also some weird pulling at the side
seams, probably because of the back darts I inserted, but I don't mind that
as much. Some adjustments required before I make the next one.
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Yesterday I finished overcasting all the raw edges inside the shirt I made,
so today I get to wear it! Very exciting. I wore my freshly hemmed pants,
and they're about a half inch long and/or a bit big in the waist but
otherwise comfortable. I have a new routine of coming home, changing out of
work clothes, watering the garden, then making dinner and I like it lots.
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Yesterday I took an early bus in, and got a lot of work done. I'm halfway
through turning the heel on the sock I'm working on, I did a little
gardening when I got home, and I hemmed a new pair of jeans.

I'm doing some research on hardware for a clothesline. The space we want to
use for it is 60 feet long, and the post on the porch is load-bearing, so
first I have to figure out if the extra strain is going to break the house.
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Yesterday I planted some flower seeds in the clear spots in the herb bed,
watered everything again, and set the seed-starting pot up with cilantro,
parsley, betony, yarrow, and Malabar spinach.

I picked a card from the chore deck and swept the basement stairs. Chore
deck was a good idea.

Knit some more sweater, spun some more in-hand. Finished Dear White People
and can't wait for more. Started Anne of Green Gables, not sure if I like
it yet.

Food news: smoothies are a success! A wide mouth pint mason jar fits the
immersion blender perfectly, and makes a small enough quantity I can
actually drink it all. I'm getting loads of low-lactose dairy daily now and
it seems to be fine. I'm a fan.

I made bread, baguettes this time. Still having trouble with height, but
upping the oven temperature seems to be good (475) and upping the water
content in the dough was *really* good. It's excellent bread for cheese.

I made crackers, gf ones, mostly nuts and seeds plus oat flour and sorghum
flour to dry it out a bit and some xanthan gum as a binder. Either less
xanthan gum or less flax meal or rolling it out before letting it hydrate
is needed, because it cracked and split way too much in the rolling. Honey
glaze and assorted toppings. Good crackers, properly short but hold up well
until you eat them.


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