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Yesterday I took a stab at narrowing down the water measurement for my
cracker recipe, and got it first try. It's now up on Mistral
& Magpie

We went to the market and got more strawberries and rhubarb, asparagus,
baby bak choy, and parsley. No fruit guys yet, so still waiting on cannable
quantities of sour cherries. P made kofta in the afternoon, and we made
pita to go with.

I finished the front sloper draft and taped everything together for a
tissue fitting. The front was pretty good; I redrew the armhole as expected
and also had a slight dart adjustment at high hip. The back, on the other
hand, is a mess. Extra fullness at center back neck and waist, too tight at
the shoulder blade, and something about the armhole is both too tight and
too loose. I should see about starting that "fitting alone" craftsy class
because I am having a heck of a time seeing and reaching and keeping stuff
aligned. Some day I'll make myself a dress form and be done with it.
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