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Yesterday I finished a back sloper I'm happy with; now to do the front so I
can fit it. I wound up moving half the waist dart to the shoulder, which I
like in principle. We'll see if it works in practice.

Ordered some fabric for more yoke tops. Fabric Mart had all their silk and
lace on 60% off, so I got a yard each of a few colors of duponi silk for
yokes and a couple yards of a nice crochet-style cotton lace to use for
overlays. had cheaper chambray, so I got that there to use for

Wore my new top -- I definitely need to let it out at the rib cage; it's
fine for a little while and helps me keep good posture through the
shoulders but I need to be able to breathe.

My new glasses came in, almost a week early! They look great and I'm
already nearly used to them, though the left eye is a big change.
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