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Yesterday I switched back to fiber for a bit. There was a basket full of
flicked locks of last year's Shetland that I did last time, so I carded
those up and dressed the distaff again. Then I moved to this year's
Icelandic cross, and oh. Wow. Icelandics are a dual-coated breed, with a
long, coarse, strong fiber called tog and a short, fine, warm fiber called
thel. This sheep is a cross with Tunis, which seems to have had the effect
of the thel taking on some down breed characteristics -- more disorganized
in the crimp, a little bit crisper, hopefully some protection against
felting. This is her first fleece, so I expected it to be pretty fine and
soft, but I did not expect the tog to be so silky and lustrous. I did up a
sample with everything carded together, and that was alright; I attempted
to separate some of the tog/thel on my mini combs but I'm not convinced it
was effective. I did wind up with a short length of top and some fluff, so
I'll have to see how it spins up. I could sit and pet the fiber all day

I broke down and ordered the large stock for trellises delivered from
Lowes. The delivery fee was exorbitant, but based on miles not pounds so I
threw in stock for a flax break (basically a super sized hair crimper
crossed with a sawhorse) and a platform for the rain barrels (so we can get
a better elevation delta for running water down to the garden). I am lucky
to be in a situation where I can trade solving some problems with money for
solving some problems with time. Anyway I'll hopefully schedule delivery
for Friday or Saturday so I can put the beans and malabar in this weekend.

A slightly better food day, though dairy is still giving me trouble. A damn
shame, since I've gotten used to feeling better on cheese. Patient and see.
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