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Yesterday I finished tissue-fitting the yoked top I've been working on, and
cut out fabric for a wearable muslin. P helped a lot with the fitting,
because I can't reach properly to pin to center back and am bad at
estimating the right position in a mirror. My first drafts were waaaaay off
too; there was a lot of adjusting. I'm still not sold about the fit around
the shoulder blades. With any luck, that should shake out in the muslin.

In food/medical news, since I have the bacterial breath test today I was on
a restricted diet yesterday, which for a gf lacto-vegetarian meant nothing
but white rice. All carbs. No protein, no fat. Blood sugar all over the
place. Felt like crap! And today I get to fast until my procedure at 1pm.
Not looking forward to it. But, the data will be nice.
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