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I bought two fleeces this year, both medium-fine, one a gray Shetland and the other a larger but unmarked black fleece. I've washed almost all of the Shetland and about a quarter of the black.


  • large mesh bags from Cleaner Supply

  • sturdy rubber gloves, also Cleaner Supply

  • sturdy cotton string

  • Unicorn Scour

  • 4 plastic tubs with lids, small enough that I can still lift them when they're full of water

  • large dishpan

  • 4 old towels


  • turn up the water heater to 140-150 (this is "B and three quarters" on the silly dial on our heater)

  • put a layer of fleece in a bag & zip it up

  • fold & roll, then tie like a roast

  • do up four rolls, 1 per tub

  • soak in cold water 20 minutes & dump out, twice -- this gets the sweat out and loosens the dirt

  • if it hasn't been 3 hours yet since setting the water heater, wait

  • cart everything down to the basement

  • fleece rolls go into the dishpan, gloves go on.

  • fill a tub, 2 squirts of Scour, add fleece, lid on, stack on the washer  x4

  • cover with towels, gloves off, set timer 15 minutes

  • gloves on, towels off

  • lid off, fleece into dishpan, dump water, fill tub, 1 squirt of Scour, add fleece, lid on, stack on the washer, dump dishpan  x4

  • cover stacks with towels, gloves off, set timer 15 minutes

  • repeat with 2 rinses

  • hang rolls on a hook over the sink to drip

  • squeeze out water, untie roll, dump damp fleece on a towel, roll up towel, walk on towel, transfer fleece to drying rack  x4

A year ago I did a bunch of experimenting, trying to reuse partially-clean water, or avoid fussing with the water heater and just supplement with the kettle, I tried using a strainer instead of bags, I tried tulle, & I tried Dawn and Kookabura. I settled on the above late last spring. Least effort, least felting, least grease left in the fleece. Our washer is front-loading, and while it does have a separate spin cycle that I've used successfully on handwashed woolens I haven't cultivated sufficient ennui to try spinning out fleece in it yet. (which is to say, the pile of sopping-wet towels I end up with after washing fleece is kindof a drag)

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