Jun. 3rd, 2017

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Yesterday I started binding the neck of the top with self bias tape. I'm so
excited for this to be done, it fits remarkably well and looks amazing.

I went on a Whole Foods adventure after work, to test out the route for
future yogurt runs. WF has the best selection of lactose-free yogurt we've
yet found, including whole fat which is a bonus and lots of flavors which
is a double bonus. Between the store itself and the driving in Shadyside
though it makes P itch, so I wanted to see if it was easy to just go by
myself. It is! The 71B puts me two blocks away (at least it does if the
driver actually stops when you pull the signal cord 🙄) and the 64 picks up
from Market District, maybe 4 blocks away. It's a bit of a hike home from
the 64, especially after the walking around Shadyside, but usually P can
pick me up from the Greenfield geagle and even if not it's probably good
for me to get the extra exercise.

The other win was getting more frozen fruit for smoothies and having them
stay frozen all the way home in this magic bag I bought at the checkout.
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