May. 28th, 2017

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Yesterday was fiber show day! I'll have a full catalog up on ravelry by the
end of the long weekend but the highlights are: three fleeces (one small
very fine grey Shetland and one white Icelandic/Tunis cross from the fleece
tent, one brown Finsheep direct from the farmer, and I need to start doing
more of the latter because the price difference was whoa), two big rolls of
Longmeadow Farm Romney in black/green/maroon, one spinning basket (which
generated a stream of compliments -- Susan Preuss does excellent work), a
really nice prep in mohair/Romney in Seahawks colors (and one in grays
too), a bunch of breed-specific yarns in sock weights from Bare Naked
Wools, a Loki spindle from Greensleeves, four ounces of baby camel fiber,
two books (The Spinner's Book of Fleece, and Yarnitecture), some hand-dyed
silk ribbon, and some Teeswater locks.

The wheel guy had a brand new greatwheel out in maple, and it was
stupefyingly gorgeous... it had already been sold by the time I saw it,
plus it never would've fit in the car, but wow.

I got to pat some Gotland sheep, and some Finsheep, and some Suri alpacas.

The Gotlands are an interesting story; they only started permitting the
import of semen about fifteen years ago, and ova are still not allowed, so
all the American Gotlands have some amount of cross in them and they're
still working on getting the percentages up. True Gotland comes in a range
of greys to black with no brown in them at all, which is unusual in sheep
in general so the crosses have put some brown in the mix. Apparently
there's a big thing of whether to keep the browns and go for a larger color
variety, or drop the browns to try and breed as close to the originals as
possible. The farmer I spoke to is in the latter camp, with a side of
breeding for larger frames to get more of a dual-purpose (fleece and meat)
sheep. Really beautiful animals; the lambs are black black and fade to grey
(or whatever their true color) as they reach maturity. Long staple, but a
finer fiber than you'd expect. If she's back next year I might get a fleece
from her.

I almost got an Icelandic from the fleece tent (traded it for the Tunis
cross) and almost got a lambs fleece from a farmer outdoors, so that's
probably another thing for next year's list.

I left a beautiful pair of hand cards in the grandstand. I thought I didn't
need another pair of cards, but now I'm thinking of the two times this past
year I would have loaned mine out if I hadn't had a project going on them.
Soooo maybe it would be nice to have two sets...

Food wise: I did much much better on substantive snacks every two hours
than trying to make restaurants work. I'm reasonably certain it's a portion
sizes thing; I'm much better at sizing something and then eating it than
trying to figure out when to stop from a large plate. By the time I feel
symptoms it's already too late.
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