May. 23rd, 2017

infryq: Kitchen scene at dawn, post-processed to appear as if painted (Default)
Yesterday I took the covers off the flower seeds I planted last week,
because lo! They have sprouted! Hopefully it will rain a couple times while
we're in Wooster so they don't all dry out and die.

I knit some more on the lace sock I'm working on, folded a bunch of
laundry, and sprayed down the wrinkles in my hemp and linen stuff. I meant
to pull them from the load before it went into the dryer, but alas. That is
the other impetus for setting up a clothesline in the backyard: bast fibers
apparently don't like heat! It makes them brittle. Which, honestly explains
why my oldest linen skirt needs a new waistband; I've always put it in the
dryer, and all the gather creases have started to fray.

I'm working on a dress design with C, to be made out of the new IKEA vegetable
. It will be sleeveless, full skirted, just below knee length,
with a slightly dropped waist, square neck, and broad shoulder straps. I
know I want the fabric dyed, and I'm pondering a salmonny pumpkin orange...
but also pondering blue, though the blues I seem to like would all be too
dark to show the pattern well.
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