May. 15th, 2017

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Yesterday I planted some flower seeds in the clear spots in the herb bed,
watered everything again, and set the seed-starting pot up with cilantro,
parsley, betony, yarrow, and Malabar spinach.

I picked a card from the chore deck and swept the basement stairs. Chore
deck was a good idea.

Knit some more sweater, spun some more in-hand. Finished Dear White People
and can't wait for more. Started Anne of Green Gables, not sure if I like
it yet.

Food news: smoothies are a success! A wide mouth pint mason jar fits the
immersion blender perfectly, and makes a small enough quantity I can
actually drink it all. I'm getting loads of low-lactose dairy daily now and
it seems to be fine. I'm a fan.

I made bread, baguettes this time. Still having trouble with height, but
upping the oven temperature seems to be good (475) and upping the water
content in the dough was *really* good. It's excellent bread for cheese.

I made crackers, gf ones, mostly nuts and seeds plus oat flour and sorghum
flour to dry it out a bit and some xanthan gum as a binder. Either less
xanthan gum or less flax meal or rolling it out before letting it hydrate
is needed, because it cracked and split way too much in the rolling. Honey
glaze and assorted toppings. Good crackers, properly short but hold up well
until you eat them.
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