May. 14th, 2017

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Yesterday was a big gardening day.

In the vegetable garden, I planted the santolina (a hedgy thing that will
keep moths away in the fiber room) in a new spot by the fence, trimmed back
the comfrey, figured out how to maneuver the wheelbarrow back to the
farthest bed and covered it with dirt, planted the marigolds between rows
in beds 2 and 3, and planted another variety of carrots (atomic red) with
malaga radishes to help mark the row. I also planted three of our five
varieties of potatoes in cloth pots; two mid-season varieties and a late

P cleared away most of the taller brush away from the stairs, and I dumped
some dirt there to help give the two new elderberries a head start.

In the herb bed next to the house, I pulled apart the vestiges of barrel
staves from the last remaining half barrel, pulled up the failed garlic,
and used the staves as a mulch layer under a load of dirt. In the dirt I
planted the wormwood, horehound, anise hyssop, creeping lemon thyme, and
lime thyme. P planted the perennial basil in a pot sunk into the ground for
easier removal to bring it inside for the winter. I dumped some more dirt
on the basil / tomato bed, and planted the chervil, tarragon, dill, and
anise basil. I also dumped some dirt on the spot between the successful
garlic bed and the horseradish barrel, and planted the orange balsam thyme

Inside, I finished the ribbing on sleeve #2 and bound off, then moved the
body stitches back to a big circular needle and made a few rows of progress
there. While knitting I'm now watching Dear White People, which is
brilliant on many levels; I bet even P could watch it without itching.

Food progress: day two of mac & cheese was a success, so I think that will
be on the menu regularly, especially if I can figure out how to thicken the
sauce properly. For snack I pulled out an old favorite, yogurt-almond
butter dip with vegetables. I used to make it with vanilla yogurt, so I
figured adding some vanilla protein powder would be alright, but I probably
won't repeat that experiment.
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