May. 1st, 2017

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Yesterday I finished truing and ironing the fabric, and finished the 2x1
ribbing on sock #2. Just a few more rows of 1x1 and then the bind-off and
then they're done!!

I also did a bunch of work in the garden. I made a wee perennial bed in the
corner and planted the marsh mallow (and it's enormous roots that had grown
through the bottom of the pot), yarrow, and coreopsis that had somehow
managed to overwinter. Then I moved about six wheelbarrows full of dirt
from the remnants of last year's driveway pile into the garden and dumped
it on top of two of the raised beds, covering the few small weeds and
remaining dead bean vines that hadn't rotted over the winter. Before I did
bed #2 I remembered to spread a bunch of comfrey leaves down first as a
rough feed. Then I planted a bunch of seeds: turnips, parsnips, radishes,
two kinds of arugula, and orach. And I thinned the rutabaga bed. It was
hot, so I watered everything in thoroughly even though we were expecting
rain last night (and indeed it is still a bit drippy this morning).
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