Apr. 30th, 2017

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Yesterday I got a bunch of stuff done around the house. I mostly credit
this to finally getting around to starting a project I've been thinking
about for weeks: a chore card deck. I'm the type of person that keeps a lot
of their memory in external spaces (to the semi-chagrin of P I'm sure,
since it means I leave half-completed projects out all over the house so I
don't forget about them), and lately I've been variously thinking, "Oh I
should really do [X short maintenance task in my current space] when I have
more time and inclination" and of course when I *do* have that time and
inclination none of those tasks are in front of me so I give up. So
yesterday I put everything I could think of on index cards, and I'll add to
the deck as I encounter new tasks.

Nice thing about writing everything down, particularly since I focused on
short tasks, is that it inspired me to actually maybe do some of them. So I
cleaned a shelf in the sewing room, cleared the spare table, did some
ironing, and folded some languishing clean laundry.

Fabric arrived in Friday's mail, so I washed it, and then trued the ends
and ironed the largest, cheapest piece since it will be my wearable muslin
for this shirt pattern (Belcarra from Sew mumble). I thought about printing
and taping together at home, but when I went to download it there was a
print shop option, which I've never tried before but now seemed like as
good a time as any. I submitted the job online and will pick it up Monday
or Tuesday.

I did an hour's worth of sketching for the garden tools handout, and
learned two things: I don't actually know what a shovel looks like, and
drawing grasped sponges is really difficult.

While cleaning I found a bulky knit cotton hoodie in the rag pile and
decided to unravel it instead (there's an unraveling knitalong going on I
can join if I maintain the energy). The seams were done with slip stitch,
so it was pretty fast to take apart. The yarn is three strands held
together, so I could keep it as bulky or separate them for a light
fingering. Maybe a hair kerchief? As my hair continues growing out I've
been wanting more options for holding it out of my face.

There's a summer craft along starting soon for when Emily of Fibre Town
goes to visit her in laws in Spain for a few months, called the Summer of
S. It's for crafts starting with S, and wouldn't you know it my tentative
summer art was already going to be Suminagashi so that's a nice bit of fate
at work.

Finally, I finished turning the heel on sock #2, and the leg on these is
not that long so the end is in sight!

Food wise: I'm back up to sweet potatoes, which is nice; coconut butter in
yesterday's oatmeal was a tentative success so I'm going to increase the
quantity today and see how that goes, but really the thing I'm most pleased
with is cheese.
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