Apr. 24th, 2017

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Yesterday I carded more sweater wool, finished another spindleful on my
supported spin, and made some progress in the flax that's been hanging in
the basement for ages. I set up some sawhorses over a sheet with a spare
bit of board, clamped the hetchel to it, and gently teased the seed pods
off the dried stalks, finishing up by hand. The cleaned stalks went on the
lawn to dew ret, and I dumped the seed heads into a tub to be crushed,
releasing the seeds. It was pretty much perfectly windy, so that sprinkling
handfuls from a slight height got a bunch of the chaff out, leaving mostly
seed behind. I hoed the flax bed, fertilized with 0-10-0, raked it in, and
sowed the seeds, topping up with Bob's Red Mill. This year I should get
better seed yield as I won't be staggering my sowings the way I did last

I also set up some more sourdough bread, on the model set out by Alex
French Guy on YouTube. My moisture level was way off (I ended up with the
shaggy mess he describes avoiding) but I don't measure my starter feedings
so that probably contributed. It took 7 hours to double in size (he says
4), but then took off like a rocket and by the time we had finished making
pizzas (just another hour) it was at triple. It's now in the fridge in
couche, and I'll bake it this evening when I get back from my haircut.
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