Apr. 9th, 2017

infryq: Kitchen scene at dawn, post-processed to appear as if painted (Default)
Yesterday we went to the waterfront, where I bought all the small parts for
this year's trellises and P got a pile of standard frames for various art
around the house.

I took some reference photos of P cleaning and sharpening a shovel (the
next drawing project is for a tools maintenance handout).

I carded and spun some more singles for the sweater.

P hung the Write/Dig/Read/Bike block prints I got him for his birthday some
years ago, and together we mounted and hung the StrongerThanFear poster
trio above the couch in the living room. Everything looks great; it feels
good to fill our daily sight lines with art we believe in.

I finally finished darning the moth holes in my favorite sweater/wrap
thing, including spinning more yarn with which to do so which I think is
hilarious. I ran out, then was like "oh I think I have a spare rolag of
that brown CVM in my stash, I bet the color will match" and lo, it did, and
I spun it and plied it and wound a ball and away I went. The sweater is
currently soaking in the laundry room to block out all the distortions
introduced by the darning process. I'm so excited to wear it again, it's
great for throwing on over lightweight long sleeves for the transitional

Went to bed a bit early as I felt a bit of flu coming on (that skin-hurts
feeling, though oddly localized to one hip area). It seems to have passed;
hopefully it will stay gone once I'm up and moving around.
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