Mar. 26th, 2017

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Yesterday I converted the rolag I'd prepped into roving, and started
spinning it supported. Easier than locks, so we'll see how it turns out.

I went on a busventure to go to the Pittsburgh Knit Crochet and Creative
festival downtown, and it was great! More new yarn for me than I would have
expected, but also some great farm fiber from both Prado de Lana and a
new-to-me vendor that had Gotland. Yarnwise I got some hand-dyes, but
mostly natural colors -- there was a guy there with lincolns and mohair,
which I was surprised to find I liked. My favorite potter was there, and I
got some buttons from her; some stitch markers including a progress keeper
with a lemon charm on it.

I won a prize for one of the knitalongs I've been posting in on Ravelry!
Very exciting, and now a handspun handwoven bag is headed my way. While on
Etsy I did some poking around for more progress keepers, which I've been
thinking about for a month or two. I found a place in Canada that does
excellent vegetables out of polymer clay, so I'll soon have a progress
parsnip, peach, pepper, and radish (which doesn't alliterate but cmon,

PenMac has the clear Sanbitter sodas again, which seem to help a lot when
my food schedule or appetite is off. Mung bean and rice stoup for dinner.
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