Mar. 23rd, 2017

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Yesterday I discovered that past me did something clever with my spare
checques. They're still missing, but in the process of looking for them I
found the envelope with my birth certificates that I'd thought had been
accidentally trashed years ago. I'd already replaced one of them, but it's
nice to have the other back.

I finished plying the dregs of the batt and coordinating braid experiment,
and moved on to one of the fleece club fibers. This one is a Romney cross,
still with a bit of lanolin in it which I don't care for much. I made three
little nests of combed tops, a stack of locks with the tips and butt ends
opened with a flicker brush, and one lonely rolag from the combing waste.
I've spun one of the nests on a spindle, with my default twist. I plan to
do another with lower twist since these fibers are pretty long.

Didn't do any knitting, but discovered that doubling the quantity of
polenta I make increases the cooking time substantially. And that parsnips
go really well with slightly caramelized dried cranberries.
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