Mar. 21st, 2017

infryq: Kitchen scene at dawn, post-processed to appear as if painted (Default)
Yesterday I fished the Shetland out of the Cosmos exhaust bath; not sure I
like the results but I'm reserving judgment until it's dry. Replaced with
more Shetland in coreopsis. Finished the coordinate singles and started
plying. Nearly finished the raglan increases on my sweater, though I lost
count somewhere and may have forgot a knit-even row. I'll make up for it
later if the inch measurement is off.

Annual review went well at work; I may audit a neural networks course in
LTI this fall to refresh my domain expertise as my 10-701 experience is now
10 years old (!). If you're interested in little notes about what I'm
working on, I have a tumblr for that at .
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