Mar. 6th, 2017

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Yesterday I finished the singles for a sock make-along, and split them by
weight for a 3-ply. I lyed, washed and bleached the washcloths (I use an
oil cleansing method on my face, so they require heavy-duty washing
periodically), and planted pepper seeds in one of the seed-starting pots. I
also made a spreadsheet of all the stitch counts and measurements for the
sweater pattern I want to knit, and translated them for my gauge. I still
have to double check the finished measurements against my body measurements
and the washed measurements for my gauge swatch, but the finicky math at
least is done. I also need to acquire some long-cabled size 8 needles.

Food is doing pretty well on a random rotation between stews and sautées,
and between rice, polenta, and potatoes as the starch base.

My back issues of PLY magazine arrived last week and have partially
replaced my reading material. Issue 1 sold out two printings, so that's
missing, but I've finished issue 2, Color. I've also read a scattering of
articles from the two one-offs I've bought over the years, Twist and the
most recent issue Plying. I have to say that while the photography, topics,
tone, variety, and even advertising are all excellent, the copy- and tech
editing are less than stellar. One of the articles from Plying was
particularly bad, and I was hoping it was a fluke. Sadly not so. I may need
to start marking as I read just to put that part of my brain to ease. There
are lots of tech writers and editors in the fiber community, and most of
the professional designers habitually have their patterns tech edited, so I
don't know why PLY is trying to do without one.
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