Feb. 18th, 2017

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Yesterday I went to an allergist in Beaver, PA. She's good -- took a
thorough history, asked the right questions. They did a scratch test, no
reactions, and I have a diet protocol which will rule out allergies. There
is very little I've been eating that isn't in the protocol though, and I'm
pretty sure I've eaten strictly within those guidelines for at least two
weeks some time in the past 4 months, so it's probably not allergies. Next
stop for me is calling the holistic dietitian and seeing what her openings
are; if I can see her fairly soon I'll do that, and if not I'll call back
Dr S for the next thing on her list.

Got done sock knitting done in the waiting room, did a little work from
home in the afternoon since we're giving a talk next Wednesday, watched
another Dirk Gently with P in the evening (less tidy than #1 but still
good), and knit some more on his hat lining. I'll definitely need to ply up
the last 25 grams of yarn to finish the crown but I don't think I'll need
all of it.
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