Jan. 30th, 2017

infryq: Kitchen scene at dawn, post-processed to appear as if painted (Default)
Yesterday I spun a bunch, and now I'm only about 5 rolags away from being
done with all the Romney lambswool singles. I also finished my first
hexapuff -- a lightly stuffed knit hexagon that's the basic unit for a yarn
scraps quilt I've been dreaming about for years. Watched more Ronja, knit
more sock, and deep-cleaned the tub, shower curtain, and tiles. One of the
best things about making soap is having lye around -- two tablespoons of
crystals brought half a tub full of water up to a pH of 11; dropped in the
shower curtain, left it to soak, and all the gunk practically fell off by
itself with a gentle scrub. Everything above the waterline was more ornery
and I'll feel that for a couple days but all in all a substantial
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