Jan. 13th, 2017

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Yesterday I popped the spinning stack back to a Romney lambswool project I
was working on last summer. I only have an ounce or two left (of at least
8) before I can finally ply and it'll be done.

Therapy was good, particularly as things have been picking up as I'm able
to eat better.

Work was good; I reworked a thing for a dataset project and sent out
updated samples for approval.

On the way back from therapy I stopped at the art store and picked up a new
sketchbook (to use as the plant journal for the online herbalist course I'm
doing with my sister this semester), some oxgall and acrylic inks (to use
this summer for paper marbling, though probably not together. They didn't
have carrageenan or methylcellulose so I'll have to find that elsewhere if
I want to try the Turkish method), and some tjanting tools (for batik).
Love a good 40% off sale.

It was 60 and rainy today, which finally thawed the garden enough to dig
some winter carrots. They are sweet from the cold and of pretty good size.

I also made some more sweet Chex mix, this time with a touch of honey and
mostly white sugar, with no sprinkle. It's mega delicious.

The alpaca yarn was dry so I wound a ball and made a start on a mitten
lining. Sooooooo soffffft...

Busy but good.
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