Jan. 5th, 2017

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New journal site, new icon.

Yesterday I discovered that PBS has more seasons of The Great British Bake
Show on YouTube, so that's now my background chatter for crafting.

I spun some more, though I've gotten tired of picking vegetable matter and
second cuts out of the fiber and got out my wool combs. It probably takes
longer to comb than to pick it, and there's a lot more waste, but it's more
enjoyable so I'll take it.

I took the second pillowcase out of the dyebath and it is about as splotchy
as the other one, though a nicer lavender toned brown. I dumped another
dozen walnuts into the slow cooker to steep for a couple days in prep for
batik to overdye both cases so they look intentional.

The stove guy came and fixed the part of the oven knob that turns on the
ignition. We've been lighting the oven burner with matches in the meantime,
so it's a relief not to do that any more.

I dug out the rice cooker to manage my porridge, and the results are
definitely superior to what I make in a pot. Win. Yesterday was a bit nuts
around lunchtime so I didn't do carrots, but maybe today.

I successfully called my GP to reschedule the appointment that got
clobbered by my GI doc.

Knit a bunch on the hat for P, got the cuff done and three repeats of the
stitch pattern (ravelry link tba). Did enough knitting for my fingers to
get sore, so I dug out a spinning project I'm doing on a supported spindle,
good for sitting in bed or on the couch.

Feeling sufficiently confident in food that I'm heading back in to campus
today. Two days in, two days out should be a decent ramp up.
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