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2017-01-03 03:37 pm

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Everything prior to 2010 has been dumped into private. If you're looking for a particular entry from back then, drop me an email.
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2017-06-23 10:51 am

Dark brown heavy linen

Yesterday I fussed with inseams and crotch curves a bunch, cutting out
another back muslin and eventually ending up with something I'm happy with.
I still have to double-check the waistband but if that works out I'll be
ready for fashion fabric.
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2017-06-22 10:27 am

Saw a rabbit in the yard

Yesterday I sewed a muslin for the shorts, and found the waist too big,
tight across the quads, and tons of extra fabric at the back leg. I've
redrawn the side seams, inseams and crotch curves for the main pattern
pieces; the waistband is next and then we'll see how much I can fix on the
muslin without having to unpick too many seams. Doing adjustments on a
pattern with seam allowances is a huge pain.

P brought garlic, lettuce, beet greens and lemon thyme back from the
garden. The garlic is hilariously out on the clothesline. The thyme went
into the dehydrator along with the day's dye flowers (hollyhock, marigold,
and coreopsis).

M's surgery seems to have gone well though they've extended her sling time
from 5 to 6 weeks because they did some surprise extra repairs while they
were in there. So glad she decided to do it now instead of waiting until
after we visit; that would have been very tight!
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2017-06-21 10:29 am

I'm getting good at picking up the bus in sqhill, just in time for the bridge to be done

Yesterday I completed the adjustments for the waistband pieces of the
shorts pattern, planted out the sweet potato slips and round one of summer
squash seeds, and got my teeth cleaned at the dentist.
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2017-06-20 10:21 am

I still have to figure out where I hid my master waistband pattern

Yesterday I finished all the adjustments for the shorts pattern front and
back, and am now tracing off final versions and applying the changes to the
pocket pieces.

It wasn't raining yet when I got home, so I planted out the Malabar spinach
seedlings and two varieties of pole beans, pulled some radishes and turnip
greens, and beheaded the marigolds. It rained nicely after dinner so I
didn't even have to water anything in.
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2017-06-19 11:02 am

Pounding rebar into the ground plumb is not easy

Yesterday the Lowes delivery truck dropped off a bunch of building stock,
all for me! I built and installed 5 trellis panels. I think I had planned
for 6, but there's only room for 5 in the garden now, plus I apparently
didn't write down that I'd planned to make them all 7 feet tall instead of
8 feet so here we are. I'd also included stock for a flax break and a
platform for the rain barrels but I was pretty worn out so that will wait
for another day.

I made more crackers, with the note that tapioca starch makes them more
prone to chewy rather than crispy, but they're still good.

I ran through my set of pattern adjustments for the back bodice, but am
stymied by the interaction between my cross back measurement, back armscye,
shoulder seam, and back length to bustline. Everything was great until I
got to the armscye length, which is absolutely correct (I had P check both
that and my cross back) but is far too long to fit in the box between the
shoulder point, bustline, and cross back. I've put it in time out.

I'd meant to plant beans and Malabar spinach, but between the sun and the
delayed food schedule I'd wound up on from trellis construction I wasn't
really up to it.

After a late dinner I put a half hour into rough-cutting and ironing the
shorts pattern I got in one of the fabric orders last week. This is
Maritime Shorts by Grainline Studio. I'm tracing off a size 2 most places
and grading to a size 4 at the waist, then seeing if there are any
adjustments to do aside from swapping in my standard waistband.
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2017-06-18 10:05 am

Best shop name pun: PG Woodhouse

Yesterday I washed and ironed fabric, and started applying measurements to
my most recent shirt pattern. I'd had the bust points off, of all things,
but the rest was just little tweaks less than an inch.

I cleared all the junk off half of the dining room table and P and I did
three years worth of filing. It all fits in the filing cabinet with plenty
of room, which is pretty nice! P has a proper file box now so it shouldn't
get so bad in the future.

We went to the Squirrel Hill Night Market, which was cool but didn't have
anything we really needed. P got some pickles and baklava from Basha 21 and
we went home.
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2017-06-17 10:10 am

Impostor pink hollyhock is pretty too

Yesterday I trued some more fabric, dug through my stash and picked out
some bottom-weight linen for shorts, and some mid-weight and featherweight
for a skirt, and took a full set of measurements.

The garden has a pillbug problem and is starting to have a slug problem.
Slugs I know how to deal with (beer traps) but the excessive pillbugs are a
new one for me.

The black hollyhocks are blooming, the marigolds are blooming, the
coreopsis is blooming, the flax is blooming. It's pretty great!
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2017-06-16 10:13 am

Only a little damp

Yesterday I trued some more fabric, had a good therapy appointment, waited
out the thunderstorm (I forgot my umbrella), and read the adjustments
section of the vogue book of fitting.
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2017-06-15 10:15 am

This time with celery seed

Yesterday I finished the plans for a flax break, and drew up a cutting
diagram. That will happen Sunday.

Two of my fabric orders arrived, and I started truing the ends. We are
still scheduled to get a break in the rain Saturday morning, but I might
tumble-dry anyhow just to make sure any shrinkage happens before I sew.

I picked another pile of radishes; they love the rain. More pickles!
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2017-06-14 10:20 am

My tailoring supplies came and now I have ALL THE ZIPPERS

Yesterday I got in some more distaff practice, started learning how to use
SketchUp to design the flax break I'm going to build, verified the stock
delivery date with Lowes (that'll be Sunday), finished watching an
ultimately disappointing Craftsy class on solo fitting, and started reading
the Vogue book on fitting and alterations.

The plumber came, and now we have hot water again in the 2nd floor sink,
the leaky outdoor tap no longer leaks, and the potting shed drain has been
snaked. We also learned that it's the tub that's rusting, not the tub
drain, so we've probably got five years to save for a bathroom remodel. On
top of that, the patio and foundation under the tap was sufficiently
damaged by freeze-thaw from the leak that it needs replacing this year, so
we'll be putting off the windows again to do that instead. The joys of home
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2017-06-13 10:16 am

It's almost air conditioner season

Yesterday I started combing the Tunis X Icelandic. It doesn't need much,
just enough to separate most of the tog. The mostly-thel "waste" will be
carded and softly spun.

I picked another batch of radishes, and sliced them up along with the ones
already in the fridge for pickles. I wound up with exactly a pint. Brine
recipe was 1 part sugar, 2 parts rice vinegar, salt to taste. They'll be
ready this evening.
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2017-06-12 10:29 am

I should probably replace the blade in my xacto knife too

Yesterday I took a stab at narrowing down the water measurement for my
cracker recipe, and got it first try. It's now up on Mistral
& Magpie

We went to the market and got more strawberries and rhubarb, asparagus,
baby bak choy, and parsley. No fruit guys yet, so still waiting on cannable
quantities of sour cherries. P made kofta in the afternoon, and we made
pita to go with.

I finished the front sloper draft and taped everything together for a
tissue fitting. The front was pretty good; I redrew the armhole as expected
and also had a slight dart adjustment at high hip. The back, on the other
hand, is a mess. Extra fullness at center back neck and waist, too tight at
the shoulder blade, and something about the armhole is both too tight and
too loose. I should see about starting that "fitting alone" craftsy class
because I am having a heck of a time seeing and reaching and keeping stuff
aligned. Some day I'll make myself a dress form and be done with it.
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2017-06-11 10:34 am

I should have put twill swatches in the fabric order

Yesterday I did the laundry, flicked some more of the TunIcelandic locks,
and transplanted the peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant into their final
positions in the garden.

I fixed a hole in the back pocket of a pair of shorts, far from invisibly
but there are no snags to catch fingers or lint on the inside or the
outside so I'm pretty happy with it.

I finished a first draft of a long article for the Sheepspot blog, and P
helped me revise. It's been a while since I workshopped a document like
that, and we had a lot of fun! I'm going to take a final look at it today,
and if it still sits well that will go in for publication.

I did the initial trace for the front on my bodice sloper, and while
matching the shoulder seams it became obvious that the back armhole is
much, much too large. I don't know how that happened, since the back
pattern piece I would've traced has a normal-sized armhole. once I'm done
with the front I'll have to go back and fix it.
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2017-06-10 09:56 am

Still no delivery call from Lowes. Disappointing.

Yesterday I finished a back sloper I'm happy with; now to do the front so I
can fit it. I wound up moving half the waist dart to the shoulder, which I
like in principle. We'll see if it works in practice.

Ordered some fabric for more yoke tops. Fabric Mart had all their silk and
lace on 60% off, so I got a yard each of a few colors of duponi silk for
yokes and a couple yards of a nice crochet-style cotton lace to use for
overlays. had cheaper chambray, so I got that there to use for

Wore my new top -- I definitely need to let it out at the rib cage; it's
fine for a little while and helps me keep good posture through the
shoulders but I need to be able to breathe.

My new glasses came in, almost a week early! They look great and I'm
already nearly used to them, though the left eye is a big change.
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2017-06-09 10:19 am

More radishes from the garden though

Yesterday I flicked some more locks of the Tunis X Icelandic, and got in
some practice with grasped spindling from a distaff, this time resting the
distaff against my forearm instead of the chair -- one step closer to being
able to spin while walking.

I'm working on converting the pattern I wound up with for the finished
yoked top back into a sloper, and it is slow going -- I tried moving the
swayback dart to the waist where people normally put it, but the
intersection with the double-ended dart from the princess seam made that
difficult. I've pulled it back up to the shoulder point where I'd had it
before, and am now working on moving the waist dart around. It's sizeable,
so I might split it into two darts. My back is hard to fit.
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2017-06-08 10:02 am

So shiny, so fluffy

Yesterday I spun up a worsted sample from the combed top and a thick, soft,
lofty woolen sample carded from the combing and flicking waste. They both
might be my favorite, which is convenient since making the one produces the
raw material for the other.

I got a haircut, and while it's maybe a little more traditional than I was
going for it might be just the way she bow-dried it. We shall see.

I discovered that the online concern where I get my fleece washing and
storage supplies also has an extensive tailoring section. I've put together
an order with assorted invisible zippers, thread, some nicer curves for
patternmaking, and some other odds and ends. Sleeping on it to see whether
I really want them or just enjoyed window shopping.
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2017-06-07 10:39 am

Metal conduit and 2x4s mostly

Yesterday I switched back to fiber for a bit. There was a basket full of
flicked locks of last year's Shetland that I did last time, so I carded
those up and dressed the distaff again. Then I moved to this year's
Icelandic cross, and oh. Wow. Icelandics are a dual-coated breed, with a
long, coarse, strong fiber called tog and a short, fine, warm fiber called
thel. This sheep is a cross with Tunis, which seems to have had the effect
of the thel taking on some down breed characteristics -- more disorganized
in the crimp, a little bit crisper, hopefully some protection against
felting. This is her first fleece, so I expected it to be pretty fine and
soft, but I did not expect the tog to be so silky and lustrous. I did up a
sample with everything carded together, and that was alright; I attempted
to separate some of the tog/thel on my mini combs but I'm not convinced it
was effective. I did wind up with a short length of top and some fluff, so
I'll have to see how it spins up. I could sit and pet the fiber all day

I broke down and ordered the large stock for trellises delivered from
Lowes. The delivery fee was exorbitant, but based on miles not pounds so I
threw in stock for a flax break (basically a super sized hair crimper
crossed with a sawhorse) and a platform for the rain barrels (so we can get
a better elevation delta for running water down to the garden). I am lucky
to be in a situation where I can trade solving some problems with money for
solving some problems with time. Anyway I'll hopefully schedule delivery
for Friday or Saturday so I can put the beans and malabar in this weekend.

A slightly better food day, though dairy is still giving me trouble. A damn
shame, since I've gotten used to feeling better on cheese. Patient and see.
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2017-06-06 10:35 am

And we finally called the plumber

Yesterday I finished the armhole binding and hemming on my new shirt and it
is done! It fits closely from the rib cage up and more loosely around the
waist and hips, which I like, at least for work. For play I probably want a
little more ease and shoulder movement. I'm happy though!

Food wise: everything fell apart after my afternoon smoothie. Nausea, panic
attacks, I held it together long enough to do my Skype meeting and then
went home. Late rice dinner seemed okay, and I feel okay now, so maybe it's
blown over? These setbacks sure are frustrating.

P and I started playing Monument Valley 2, and it is darling! One of the
separation scenes is needlessly perilous but otherwise they seem to be
doing it right.
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2017-06-05 10:15 am

I've been playing a lot of Mini Metro and it's still not boring yet

Yesterday was extremely productive. I was able to do another load of
laundry and get it out on the line before we left for the first Sqhill
farmers market of the year; the market was grand and we got spinach and
dandelion greens and rhubarb and strawberries; I made a new set of crackers
and the discovery that hydration actually matters a lot to how short or
sturdy they are (two pans, the second with more water in the dough); we
made strawberry rhubarb sauce; I scoured the last remaining chunk of fleece
from Wooster; I hilled the potatoes and planted the last two varieties; P
went back to the hardware store for more fittings and we re-tensioned the
clothesline, this time with one end clamped and one end knotted so we can
adjust it again as needed.
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2017-06-04 10:28 am

No more wrinkly hems, and the linen loves it

Yesterday we went on a series of retail adventures! At the hardware store
we got 200' of synthetic rope to use as clothesline (they didn't have the
nylon-coated wire I wanted, and cotton didn't come long enough), turnback
rope clamps, a folding table, and a set of outdoor shelves. At the sporting
goods store we got cheap 20# fishing line for making cutoff tools for
pottery, and a pretty perfect thermos to replace the smoothie jar I lost.
We ran home for a speedy lunch before running me back to Oakland for an eye
exam; my right eye is the same but the left deteriorated considerably so
I'm getting new lenses and frames. Back at the house, I realized we
actually didn't get a turnbuckle when we were at Lehman's, so another quick
trip to the hardware store. Then we were finally able to set everything up:
one pulley on the back porch; a table for folding and shelves to properly
hold the junk that had been cluttering the floor; the other pulley as high
up in the black locust as P could comfortably reach on the ladder, one rope
end affixed to the turnbuckle, the free end run through both pulleys and
measured under tension, then the porch pulley came down so we could hammer
closed the other rope clamp. Tada! Clothesline!

I immediately tried it out with a load of towels, which perhaps predictably
stretched out the line so we may have to take out a clamp and tie a knot or
splice instead. But that's okay! It only took two hours to dry stuff, which
is less than I expected, and it makes me better at laundry since if you
have to handle garments one at a time anyway as they come off the line, you
might as well fold them.

On P's request we'll continue to tumble-dry underwear, and on mine, bath
towels and anything meant to be fluffy, but we should still wind up saving
some money, both from not running the dryer as much, and from clothes
lasting longer.

In between things, I finished sewing the neck binding on my new top, and
made more bias tape for the armholes.