May. 29th, 2017

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Yesterday we drove home! I stopped at the festival one last time to pick up
that pair of hand cards, and also a darning egg. The drive back was
uneventful; we took 30 for interest and had a good time reading signs along
the way. Apparently it's already strawberry season?

Once home I skirted, sorted, and catalogued fleece, and set most of it to
soak overnight. I just might get around to washing all of them today and
tomorrow, which would be a first!

The Shetland and the Icelandic-Tunis were in fairly good condition, and got
sorted by crimp into two bags each. The Finsheep was FILTHY, poorly
skirted, full of second and short cuts. I wound up taking it outside and
vigorously shaking a double handful at a time. It's severely felted in a
lot of places too, though most of them have a long enough staple attached I
can just cut that off without much harm. A bunch of tarry areas, dung tags,
and ground-in hay chaff. I probably skirted and shook off about a third of
the fleece! Lucky it was a nice size, I wound up with 2.5# afterwards which
is still alright for the price. We'll see if I agree after washing and

I'm back in my own bed, at the proper angle, and eating familiar food
again. I do like Wooster, but it's good to be home.
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