May. 27th, 2017

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Yesterday we went to Lehman's. I'd never been, and it was pretty awesome --
some time I'd like to spend a few unstructured hours exploring the whole
place, but we had a mission. P had brought our kerosene lamp and was able
to get help finding parts for it. Turns out this particular model was meant
to go in a hanging rig, not on a table, so while we can certainly use it as
a table lamp that means no heavy glass shades because it's not sturdy
enough to support it. So, a shade holder, and a linen shade. Good.

I was there to find clothesline hardware. They had three kinds, two of
which were cheap, and the third was pricier but still in budget and
substantially better made. They also had really nice wall-mounted expanding
drying racks, which will help with fleece drying and also in the laundry
room, so we got one and P means to use it as a pattern to build another.

On the way back we stopped at a barn sale, but it turned out to be a pretty
typical antique shop that just happened to be in a barn. Nothing stellar,
and the proprietors were not very good people so we left.

After lunch we hit the bookstores. My favorite shop is unfortunately going
out of business because the owners are retiring and haven't found anyone to
take it on. At least we made it in one last time! I found an herbal by Orr
that's part cookbook, which is nice, and a reprint of an old two-volume set
on bookbinding. In the other shop, I restricted myself to the ground floor,
and scoured the crafting section. There was a series of short sewing guides
on various topics and I grabbed the one on tops (since it had nice sections
on darts, hem slits, and neckline facings) and the one on pants (with a
great section on fitting and alterations). I'm still seeking sleep shorts
that don't bind in the front and cut me in half, and P's favorite pants and
shorts are no longer being made, so sewing pants is coming up soon in the
queue. They also had an original Singer sewing manual, so I grabbed that

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