May. 26th, 2017

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Yesterday we drove to Wooster, OH! We are in our favorite room at the B&B,
the one with a private porch overlooking market street. I had some anxiety
trouble on the way down, and dealt with it by taking a beta blocker and
having a nap. I am so lucky to have both good health insurance and a
supportive partner. I love this trip and probably would have backed out if
I'd been on my own.

Food stuff: had a favorite sandwich (gf wrap, mushrooms, roasted red
peppers, balsamic, and new this year, cheeeeeeese) at a favorite deli/bar,
and while I still felt a bit odd, I'd recovered enough to have a reasonable
snack 2 hours later. I was feeling so good before on 6 meals, I'm eager to
get back to it, though I grudgingly recognize that vacation eating makes
the associated smaller portion sizes difficult.

Today we plan to hit Lehman's over in Kidron, P for kerosene lamp parts and
me for clothesline parts and a bit of exploring. There may also be some
furniture shopping.
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