Mar. 18th, 2017

infryq: Kitchen scene at dawn, post-processed to appear as if painted (Default)
Yesterday I spun a bit of a coordinating color of polwarth top to go with
the batts I spun. I also made up a dyebath from the leftover
hibiscus-alkanet solution and set the Shetland locks to dye in it.

Work was good; it's annual review season again so I put together my usual
report. Less code, more interpersonal work this year than in the past,
which I appreciate.

Knit another few rows on my sweater, and managed not to overdo it quite as
badly as last night. I probably need to limit myself to one episode's worth
at a sitting if I want to avoid wrecking my arms.

Multiple people were wrong on the internet at me, and it was bothering me a
bunch but I've managed a bit of mental judo that seems to help: if I want
never to have to deal with other people making mistakes, I'm setting myself
up for failure. The world contains angry old men who are (the evidence
suggests) angry at everything, and that's not about me even if they
sometimes direct it my way.

I'm still unimpressed with a friend who is failing to get why it's
problematic for him to want a friendly debate about a topic that is much
more dire for a subpopulation of which he is not a member. His lack of
empathy is getting meta, too: "I understand that X is hurtful and I'm
absolutely not trying to say we should hurt people, I just want to do X" is
starting to come up repeatedly and it's really frustrating. This is
normally the point where I'd give up and write someone off as (trolling,
insincere, not-ready) at least temporarily. I like this dude for other
reasons though, which is making that difficult... though I almost never see
him in person so a digital time out would be sufficient. I suppose I'm just
waiting for the irritation to be a little less raw and immediate so I can
make a decision without it constantly derailing other trains of thought.
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