Jan. 20th, 2017

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Yesterday I spun a bit more, changed gears at work and got mired in git
conflicts (though the remaining issues appear to be python whitespace
problems), and successfully navigated the bus to Bakery Square for our
first lab meeting of the semester.

I did some knitting on the way in to work, which was okay but I'll probably
reserve it for more automatic phases of a project-- I had to do a bunch of
decreases which required visual attention and that got a bit nauseating.
I've now got the thumbs done on both linings and am preparing to graft the
linings yo the outer mitts. They'll be all done very soon!

Had a rigorous discussion at lunch about the difference between
naturopathic and homeopathic medicine, and all the things that make the
latter no better than placebo. I don't mind people using placebos to treat
their conditions, especially where placebos have been shown to be as or
more effective than conventional medication (there is actual research on
this). What I mind is companies who sell their placebos at high prices and
target at-risk populations, and practitioners who prevent their clients
from seeking appropriate treatment in favor of rigid adherence to the
flawed principles of water memory. If dilution worked to improve cellular
response to past pathogenic contact you could treat anything you liked with
nothing more than tap water. C and I were preaching to each other's choir
while A remained skeptical. Sigh.
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