Jan. 2nd, 2017

infryq: Kitchen scene at dawn, post-processed to appear as if painted (Default)

More spinning, more knitting. I finished both outer mittens; they now have to wait while the lining yarn is spun so I've decided to start a pair of socks. I've yet to knit a successful pair for me; I'm using a new pattern that's supposed to be easy to fit.

Color is developing on the black walnut pillowcase; I'm turning it every 12 hours or so. There are some splotches and I'm considering options for how to deal with them. Batik maybe?

I made the hibiscus Turkish delight dough yesterday, powering through a surprise bout of gut trouble and panic attacks after lunch. Back to rice I think.

Today I'll cut and powder the delights, swatch for the socks, and call the fucking doctor.

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